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If you frequently eat out at Bojangles’ restaurants, what do you usually order? Is the biscuits good there? Bojangles’ would really love to hear your voice. It can be anything – a rant, a rave or lavish praise.Because this will help them improve all aspects of customer experience. Have comments or suggestions? Take part in their guest satisfaction survey to let them know how they can improve your experience.

Go to www.talktobo.com, respond to some quick questions that will take less than 5 minutes to complete. And then they will give you a special treat.

How can we participate in the survey?

1. Keep your Bojangles’ receipt and visit the customer survey official website.

2. Enter the restaurant number and select the date & time of your visit and start your survey.

3. Then rate your overall experience at Bojangles’ and follow the onscreen instructions to continue answer the other survey questions.

4. Submit the survey.


Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits is a Southeastern regional chain of fast food restaurants based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The restaurant’s signature dishes include dirty rice (sausage and seasoned rice), chicken supremes (chicken strips), and cajun pinto beans along with its signature biscuits and sweetened iced tea.

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18 thoughts on “www.talktobo.com – Talk to Bojangles Survey

  1. I have tried to get on to take the survey, but it will not allow me to. The receipt is from yesterday, so it should have went through, but everytime I hit the take the survey, it goes back to the same page.

  2. part of my order, which just happened to be my food, was missing from bag and I was unable to return to get it. I should have looked in the bag , but I felt like I was being pushed because they were so busy.

  3. Bo is the place i go to for breakfast and lunch sometimes.What i want to see is bologna/biscuits put on menu . We will go to other places just to get what we want but it would be nice to get what we want at one place. why not take a poll and see if it would go over good for you. I, sure it would here in Florence, Ala. , so it it a shot or a trial at our place at least. Gary……….

  4. We have had a lot of great food from Bojangles. Today when I got home the lettuce in the salad was soggy and did not taste good. Some pieces of salad looked pretty bad.
    Threw most of it away, not even close to what we have gotten there many times before.
    I am not going to want to get another one from there in a long time.

  5. My biscuit was great. I have a free drink card with purchase and it has been honored at several Bojangles. I wish that the specials I hear about on the TV ads would last longer and there will be more coupons for discounts.

  6. the food will be great, but the customer service is down right distasteful. I love Bojangles breakfast and dinner and I rather come there. but the srevice from some of the workers are very rude ,make you want to go some where else. I have spoken with the manager on duty but it did’nt seem to do any good. and the most of the time I see Churches and Crystal’s have a lot of bussiness. I truly wish someone can come through and just monitor the behaviour of the current workers there on Peach Orchard Rd. in Aygusta GA. not to mention they are very wasteful on individual don’t need 6 butter and a handful of salt and pepper and cheese one pinch of cheese. Please help. from the looks of things Bojangles is loosing Business..

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